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"Everyone, I'm happy to announce that David Zimet has joined our group, Operations Process Management, as our Operations Process Specialist. We are hoping that his experiences and technical skills will provide a backbone for many of our current projects and future endeavors. David came on as an Eastridge Technical temp, after having recently relocated from New York City, where he spent several years as a tollbooth collector on the George Washington Bridge. He grew up in Peru, where his father worked as a DJ for an a.m. radio station specializing in polka music, and his mother drove an ice cream truck. They moved to the Big Apple because of David's love of the harmonica - his devoted mum was insistent that he receive the best musical education possible at Juliard. David speaks 5 languages, including Latin and an ancient Sumerian dialect, which should help us interpret some of Walshie's seemingly incoherent mumbling. He shares his home with 3 cats - "Hephaestus", "Dionysus", and "Earl". David's hobbies include square dancing, origami, cricket, and crushing pennies on railroad tracks. David's cube is located outside Russ's office, so please stop by and welcome him or ask him to get you coffee." -- Mike
N.B.: disregard above.
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Astute readers may note that this page hasn't changed in a little while; personal web pages are sort of a thing of the past for most folks, and I may not be an exception, as I don't really have the time to work on mine any more. I'll probably throw some family photos on here, or the like, for fun.
2013-05-05 Update: I fixed the news feeds! Well, they work for now, anyway.
2015-02-04 Or maybe instead of family pictures I could just add a bunch more feeds.
2017-05-30 Fixed the feeds again.