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Greetings Fellow Sluggites and welcome to the Unofficial Official Homepage of the SluggyMARE.

This document (if you can call it that ;) is meant as both an introduction to the SluggyMARE and a tutorial on how to get started with it.

What the SluggyMARE is
Getting on the SluggyMARE
Guidelines for proper behavior
Command Reference
Maps of the MARE
Builder Commands
Further Help

What the MARE is

First of all, the MARE (Multiuser Adventure Role-playing Epic) is like a MUD (Multi User Dungeon) and for those of you who are not familiar with MUDs think ZORK, for those of you who have not heard of ZORK, it is a text based game, sort of like a big chat-room with objects that you can interact with as well as your fellow players.

As you have have hopefully already guessed we are a Sluggy Themed MARE. There are various Sluggy characters running around, (Bunbun, Zoe (in both human and camel form depending on the circumstances), Kiki, KZK, and more) and a number of familiar Sluggy locations. (Hoggelrynth, The Brie house)
Current projects include The Isle of Ployees, The Storm Breaker Saga, and the Dimension of Pain.

Getting on the MARE

The Long Way
The MARE runs over a telnet connection, and while it is playable over telnet a MUD client is recommended. If you want to go ahead and just take a look without downloading a client, click on the link to the MARE below, but I strongly recommend that you turn on local echo under your telnet preferences when you do this. Without local echo on you will not be able to see what you are typing. (Why local echo defaults to off is beyond me.) Here are the links for several of the clients that people use.

GMUD [Get the file: gmud3219b.zip] For Windows
Unzip it and run Gmud.exe

AL Client For Windows
Follow the instructions on the site to install.

Zmud For Windows
Follow the instructions on the site to install.

tinyfugue For Linux (or whatever other OS you can get it to compile on)
Follow the instructions on the site to install.

If none of those options appeals to you, Do a search on MUD clients. There are quite a number of them out there. Finding the 'perfect' one though is something akin to looking for the Holy Grail :)

Once you have the client set up and have looked at the docs enough to know how to connect, the server for SluggyMARE is winds.org and the port is 8000.

The Short Way
To skip all that nonsense and just drop in to check it out, click the link below. It will open a telnet window. Make sure you set local echo to 'ON' in the preferences if you want to see what you are typing.

The Short Way Via XP
The best way to do it is to open your start menu and look for a program in that window saying "run..." It's usually in the right column. Click it and in the prompt type 'telnet' (without the quotes). This should open up another window, similar to old DOS command prompts. At its prompt, type 'set localecho' (again without the quotes). It will tell you that it executed that command and give you a fresh prompt line. Type 'o winds.org 8000' (no quotes). That will connect you to SluggyMARE, and this is where it gets difficult. At the sign-in prompt hold down the control key and hit the square brace ( ] ) key and let both go at once. This should take you back to the DOS style command prompt. Don't worry, you're still connected to the MARE. Here, type 'set crlf' (no quotes) then hit enter till you return to the SluggyMARE sign-in prompt. You should have no problems signing in!
If you can't find the run program, telnet in as mentioned above in the short way, do the control and ] combo then type 'set localecho' then 'set crlf' then the enter key till you return to the sign-in prompt. Again, no quotes in the commands.

For the more dedicated of the players, we have created a MARE for when SluggyMARE cannot be reached. The host is and the port is 7676.

Once you have Connected

Once you have connected you will be presented with a login prompt. At this point you have two choices, you can either type guest and log in with a temporary guest account or you can type in new and create a new character.

Guest Account
If you choose to log in as a guest you will be prompted for gender and if your client supports ansi formatting. Unless you know what ansi is and are sure you do not want it, pick yes for the question concerning it.

New Character
If you chose to create a new character you will be asked for a name and password. You will also be asked to pick a race. The choice of race is not terribly important at the moment (although you should take note of the bonuses for each one, if you like being a fighter don't pick a sprite) and if you later decide you don't like the race you picked, one of the admins can change it for you from within the game. For the sake of our (the admins) sanity please do not create multiple characters for yourself. If you do so you will be asked to pick one and the rest will be removed.

After that, there is a brief intro text and then you will be in the game. You will start in the welcome room (for your own sanity), but if you head north through the portal, you'll end up in the cafe, where the rest of the active players can greet you and begin pelting you with questions and "helpful" information.

Some final things to note

Just some quick general behavior type rules.

As for what will happen if you do step out of line, an occasional transgression is unlikely to result in anything more than a warning, depending on the seriousness of it. Beyond that, the admins are more or less gods in the game world, we can and will make your life difficult if you insist on causing problems. We tend to be fairly forgiving though, and to my knowledge only two people have ever actually been banned.

Below is a table of the most basic commands which should be enough to get you started.
Further help can be found at: http://winds.org/helptext/
And if you want to contact me for help getting started I am usually on AIM with the name The Fool76
Or you can PM me (The_Fool76) through the Sluggy Chat Bords if you are a member there.

Quick Command Reference

pub message =message [public] Yourname: message To talk on the public channel with all the other users currently on.
say message "message You say, "message" To talk to other people in the same room as you.
pose does something :does something Yourname does something To emote or otherwise indicate you are doing something.
page player name=message p player alias=message Sends a private message to player . Enables you to directly comunicate with another player regardless of location and without others being able to hear what you say.
look [object] l [object] Shows you a description of whatever you looked at.
If no object was specified gives you a description of the room.
To view your surroundings and get more detailed descriptions of the objects around you.
go direction direction Move in the direction indicated. Go places. See the sights.
consider monster con monster Tells you your rating against the monster. New command, it tells you how well you would do against a monster.
fight monster f monster Fight the monster Lets you beat up badies, what more could you want?
cafe cafe Returns you to the Cafe provided you are in the main area of town If you get lost.
who who Shows you a list of the players currently logged in. Lets you know who else is currently on the MARE with you.


Whee! Some of the players on the MARE designed some pretty nifty maps for us! Go look, and maybe you won't get lost anymore!

Builder Commands

For those who have been on the MARE a bit longer and are looking to expand your house or help the admins out with creating or describing things, follow the link above to see some basic commands for building.

Further Help

We have finally gotten around to writing a more detailed help guide, dealing with not only the basic commands but further programming and the like. A somewhat updated copy of the helptext can be found here. For more information about server down times and other silly stuff, see the MARE's livejournal. Maybe one of these days we'll even get a phpbb board up and running.
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